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The OneINMA Story

About Us Our Work Our Vision

One INMA Means 'One Ceremony'  We believe that we are All in One Ceremony, humans animals the environment and the planet.  Our name was given to us by a very important Anangu Elder,  Tjikatu Nipper and she, with her Uncle Kummunarra Randal guided us culturally for many years. 

 Every person, group, community, family, organisation and cultures including animals, plants, ecosystems and the entire environment is sacred and important for us to care for All to live in integrated harmony. Our flagship work in Sacred Transformational Leadership allows us to share this in All our Work. 

Our Purpose

 Transforming Our World through transforming people, relationships, workplaces, communities and families, so that all systems move into higher levels of consciousness to sustain all Life and our planet.

Our Collective Vision


a world of Harmony and Peace in the Spirit of Kanyini that calls us

 'to Be the embodiment of Harmony & Understanding'

in Ourselves, Our Relationships Our Work and Actions in World

Kanyini - language of the  Pitjanjatjara Anangu peoples of the Central Desert to whom have been culturally connected for the past 40+ years.

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